Nissenhaus Industries, established in 1925, has decades of reputation and rich experience in manufacturing pressed metal parts, hardware and castors.Our accumulated experience and knowledge enable us to solve technical and design problems, and to manufacture custom-made products according to samples or drawings.Thanks to our engineering expertise, precise instrumentation, and strict quality control, we guarantee precision, high quality and well designed products.


Nissenhaus Industries
Nissenhaus Industries is the only manufacturer in Israel of baby furniture fittings,and supplies its products to all manufacturers of baby furniture in the country.The Israeli baby furniture products are well known all over the world for their quality, safety and reliability.

The company manufactures and imports castors for the furniture and light-duty industries. The castors are made of rubber, nylon and plastics, in high safety standards for various uses and in various weights.
General Hardware
Nissenhaus manufactures various fitting parts for furniture and buildings, and carries out all metal projects up to 160 ton press.

The vast experience acquired over a 75-year period, has helped many clients solve difficult technical or design problems - such as creating angles in various sizes, brackets and hangers for shelves, parts for pergolas, bed hinges, and more.

Baby furniture fittings
The company manufactures all types of pressed metal parts, fittings and castors for baby furniture - including parts for baby beds, playpens, and carriages.

Nissenhaus continuously develops a wide range of baby furniture products.

All products are approved by the Standards Institution of Israel.